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Pre-Packaged Systems

EGL have pre-packaged ready to deploy renewable energy systems available. The dimensioning of these pre packaged systems are sized to drive the most commonly requested power requirements.

The systems are designed with the philosophy that the electrical power generation are completely derived from photovoltiac arrays and wind turbines can be deployed optionally to supplement the power generation if the site conditions are favourable.

EGL believes that systems should always be sized to generate slightly more power than that required at the time of project conception because from experience, loads are often increased during project implemention phases. If no extra loads are introduced, a slightly oversized system does no harm and can reduce the depth of discharge of the batteries and prolong the lifetime of the batteries in an off grid application.

Tailor Made Systems

Of course not all applications can be addressed with our pre packaged systems. For those applications EGL can dimension and design tailor made systems to suit the clients needs exactly. Every case is differenct so do contact us and together through discussion and exchange of ideas, we will be able to arrive at a system that will suit your bespoke needs.

Consultancy Services

EGL offer a consultancy service where we can provide the services of engineers on secondment to work alongside the clients team to realise a renewable energy project from conception to implementation and long term management of the same. Our engineers can undertake work in any of the areas of project management from design, dimensioning, specification writing through to acquisition of materials and systems engineering based on sound engineering practices. Contact us for more information.


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